We recommend regular cleaning and maintenanceof all aluminum surfaces, gaskets and moving parts. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure that TiltcoAP products retain their appearance and func-tion properly for years to come. Maintenance and cleaning frequency depend on the building location. Products located in urban or industrial areas, or near the coast, require more attention. To clean aluminum surfaces, simply moisten a softsponge with the and wipe carefully.


Avoid cleaning the aluminum surfaces when they are exposed to direct heat or sunlight. During construction or masonry work, protect allexposed aluminum surfaces to avoid damage. Anodized or painted aluminum that comes into contact with building materials such as wet cementor mortar may be damaged.


• Harsh alkaline or chemical products (e.g. ammonia)
• Strong acids
• Hypochlorites (e.g. bleach)
• Oxidizing agents
• Nitro-acetone solvents


Cleaning Inside the windows should be inspected at least once a year. Foreign matter or residue must be removed to prevent malfunction of locks and moving parts.


Use a vacuum cleaner or other non-intrusive tool to remove all dust, dirt or foreign matter from the drainage holes at the base of the windows.


Inspect and clean all hardware and gaskets on a regular basis. It is especially important to keep all moving parts well lubricated and free of obstructions, and to keep gaskets clean and supple.

During inspection, be sure to repair or replace any worn or damaged parts, and contact a professional if you notice any abnormal or excessive wear.

Hardware Care

Make sure that all moving parts and locks are properly lubricated. As well as protecting and extending the life of these parts, the lubricant ensures the continued silent operation of your TiltcoAP products.

Gasket Care

Clean the gaskets with a damp cloth at least twice a year.

Hardware Adjustments and Replacements

If for any reason during the life of the product, the hardware has to be adjusted or replaced, contact aqualified window specialist in order to evaluate and fix the problem.

DISCLAIMER: TiltcoAP's warranty is void in cases where TiltcoAP products are damaged through neglect, through the use of inappropriate maintenance products or tools, or through maintenance by unqualified persons.

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